Last Week’s Shenanigans!

G3.5 Was on spring break for the week…So I had to be extra creative and come up with things to do for all the kiddos!


Nanny mom and I took all 3 kids (G3.5, B2, G3mo) to Little Beans Cafe in Evanston! We had a blast playing with all the cars, dinos, and kitchen stuff. We ended the afternoon by playing in this giant foam cube thing-where the big kids can zipline!

I have a very poor quality picture of me and the older kids in the foam pit! But you can see we were having so much fun. Overall, I think this place is a great way to spend a cold, rainy, or snowy day. It’s perfect for 5 and under and even have things to do for crawlers!


It was a bit nicer this day and the kids have been begging for a picnic! So we drove to Margate Park and played then had a picnic in the field:) Eating outside and people watching is always a big hit with my littles!

I’m able to take their car out, but if you just have to use the stroller or a wagon, you’re still able to do a lot! A picnic is so exciting for everyone, plus you will be happy to get out of the house for a bit!


I woke up and looked at the weather, high 60’s and sunny! I immediately texted nanny mom and told her we should go to the zoo. She was thinking exactly the same.

I got there early and helped get the kids dressed and packed for the zoo. Nanny mom and baby came along for this trip and it was so fun! Lincoln Park Zoo is the best because it’s FREE!!


Thursday was even warmer and sunnier but the kids were acting a bit sick. So we spent the majority of the morning playing in their yard and around the block. We played chalk, doctor, soccer, cars and more until they got hungry enough for lunch. Which we took outside to eat! These are some outdoor kiddos for sure and I’m all about it!

Stay tuned for a blog on my favorite outdoor activities to do with kids!


After a busy busy week of going around town and being outdoors, the icky weather and the sicky kids kept us inside. I had a few craft and activities planned to keep them busy for a few minutes lol!

I picked up some clear contact paper at target and drew a rainbow on the back. Then I had them stick tissue paper and pompoms to it. I tried to get them to match the colors but B2 does what he wants hah!

They absolutely love make believe play. We spent a lot of time making food in their play kitchen and serving it to each other! They also love to play puppy or lion!

More indoor activities to come!

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