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My Favorite Agencies

Please put me as a reference when you apply:) ~Kendelle Polsley~

The Nanny League

The Nanny League has been an amazing company to work for. I found my current family through them. The application and interview process is very thorough on both ends. I had multiple interviews with the company and then matched with the family.

I get regular emails with current jobs, and they all look amazing! The jobs are all over the country and occasionally they have international jobs.

Both parents and nannies have ample resources and support throughout the process!


Adventure Nannies is one of the coolest agencies you could work with! I had several big interviews with potential jobs over the years and I felt so comfortable and supported in the process.

The agency’s employees are truly rooting for you to get the job and are your biggest advocates. They’re always a text or call away if you have any questions or concerns.

They’re jobs include Nanny positions, Newborn Care Specialist, and Private Educators. They have the most amazing jobs…some you could only dream of! This agency caters to families that travel domestically and internationally, hence the name Adventure Nannies.

If you love to travel, love kiddos, and are up from some adventuring, check them out!


For caregivers trained in doula or newborn care specialist work, Windy City Doulas is a great agency to work with. Samantha is always on call and will advocate for you.

WCD provides birth doulas and postpartum care. I actually worked with this agency for a few months and always had work! I can turn down a job if I’m not interested.

For parents, if you’re interested in overnight care, daytime or 24/7 care I would definitely book ahead! Especially if you want care for several months. These doulas get booked up quickly because they’re amazing!

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If you have any questions about these agencies or any others out there, feel free to reach out!